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Stratified Ginseng Seeds

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    Stratified ginseng seeds are seeds that have been harvested from ginseng plants and put into moist sand for about 12 months. Then, it is removed from the sand and is ready to be planted. Stratified seeds can be planted throughout the fall and into early spring (Mid August through the end of March).  These seeds will then sprout in spring and will be well on their way to reaching mature size. It is recommended that only stratified seeds be planted when planting ginseng.
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    For more information on planting ginseng seeds, go to Ginseng Growing Instructions

    We will begin shipping seeds starting 8/20/2007 and will continue shipping until early of March or until sold out.  
    ** Update:
    As of 11/23/2007, all of our ginseng seeds have been sold out

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    For ginseng seed & rootlet, we ship to US only. All other products can be shipped internationally. If you live in outside of US, please contact us before placing an order.
    ** All orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. It takes 2-3 days to deliver.

Item Description Unit Price


2 oz. Package Approximately 900 Stratified Ginseng Seeds, 1/8 lb. $29.95 sold out for year 2007
4 oz. Package Approximately 1,800 Stratified Ginseng Seeds, 1/4 lb. $49.95 sold out for year 2007

8 oz. Package

Approximately 3,500 Stratified Ginseng Seeds, 1/2 lb.

$79.95 sold out for year 2007
16 oz. Package

Approximately 7,000 Stratified Ginseng Seeds, 1 lb.

$119.95 sold out for year 2007

Ginseng Rootlets
To guarantee maximum survival rates for our ginseng rootlets we always wait until the ginseng has gone completely dormant prior to digging out and shipping the rootlets. Click here for ginseng rootlet planting instruction.
All ginseng rootlets will be shipped on either September 24, 2007 or October 1, 2007 depending on our weather conditions. The exact date will be posted on the website as the date gets closer.

** Update: We will ship ginseng rootlets on Monday, September 24, 2007
** Update: All of our ginseng rootlets are sold out as of 9/24/2007

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8 oz. Medium Ginseng Rootlets

About 13-20 Fresh Ginseng Roots, 1/2 lb. $59.95 sold out for year 2007

16 oz. Medium Ginseng Rootlets

About 25-40 Fresh Ginseng Roots, 1 lb.

$99.95 sold out for year 2007

8 oz. Large Ginseng Rootlets

About 8-13 Fresh Ginseng Roots, 1/2 lb.

$59.95 sold out for year 2007

16 oz. Large Ginseng Rootlets

About 15-25 Fresh Ginseng Roots, 1 lb.

$99.95 sold out for year 2007

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Dried Ginseng Roots
Ginseng root can be used in tea, coffee, or cooking. These roots are pure and can be chopped, grated, or broken up and put in your cooking to maximize the benefit of the ginsenosides.


Description Unit Price


4 oz. Gift Box

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Half short/Extra Large, Approximately 9-12 roots per 4 oz package and averaging 2"-3" in length


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Ginseng Powder
100% pure American ginseng powder - with powdered ginseng you get 100% pure ginseng root. Ginseng powder has its conveniences, mix a teaspoon with hot water, then add some honey. The taste is amazing, better than coffee and tea.

Item Description Unit Price


1 lb. Container

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From only the finest and cleanest 4 and 5 year old roots to grind into ginseng powder



Dried Ginseng Slices
Ginseng slices are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of authentic American ginseng. They are quicker to prepare than the whole root and they still retain the powerful health improvements ginseng has to offer. Slices may be quickly boiled, steamed or chewed as a healthy and healing alternative to chips and candies.

Item Description Unit Price


8 oz. Container

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Packaged in a plastic "tubs" container $49.95


Ginseng Tea Bags
Place a ginseng tea bag in a cup of hot water for 2-5 minutes. Stir, remove tea bag and serve. One tea bag may be used 2-3 times. Honey or sweetener may be added to taste. Tea may be served hot or cold.

Item Description Unit Price


100 count tea bag

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Each tea bag is individually wrapped and contains 2 grams of pure Wisconsin Ginseng Root



question before ordering or wholesale price quote, please email to info@wildgrown.com


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