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2017 Summer/Fall Planting:

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Tuesday, April 25 2017  
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How to find the right viable ginseng seed for planting | Print |  E-mail

Planting right ginseng seed is first step to ensure to have healthy ginseng root when harvesting. And also planting the seed right time is critical to ensure them to sprout upcoming spring.

Beginning growers should be cautious in buying ginseng seed. Most experienced growers have bought seed at one time or another that failed to germinate in the spring after fall planting. Growers are advised not to buy cheap seed. It is rarely a good deal. A great deal of meticulous care is required to successfully produce viable, stratified ginseng seed. Seed producers who do the job the right way are not likely to sell their seed at cheap prices. Most seed producers do like to sell their stratified seed in advance.

To be assured of the best seed, growers should order and pay for ginseng seed in August or September. Once the seed is paid for, delivery can be postponed until the desired time frame. When purchased ginseng seed is received, it should be stored in the refrigerator. It usually comes in zip lock plastic bags. The seed in the bags should be misted with water, once a week, until planted. If the seed ever dries out it will die. A pound of ginseng seed contains about 7,000 seeds.

A good way to check the viability of any ginseng seed is a float test, to dump it in a bucket of water. All of the good, viable seed will quickly sink to the bottom. Any seeds that float on the surface are probably dead and are worthless for planting.

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stephen curry shoes
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