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Pennsylvania Ginseng Law and Regulations | Print |  E-mail
Article Index
Pennsylvania Ginseng Law and Regulations
Page 2
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§ 45.61. Commercial license requirements.

 A person may not buy, trade or barter Pennsylvania Vulnerable plants, or parts thereof, with the intent to sell them within this Commonwealth, or export these plants or parts from this Commonwealth, without first applying for and obtaining a commercial license in writing from the Department. A person may take or possess these plants if the activities are necessary to perform the licensed activity.

§ 45.62. Contents of commercial license application.

 (a)  An application for a license under this subchapter shall be submitted to the Department in writing, upon forms provided by the Department.

 (b)  An application for a commercial license shall be accompanied by information or data as the Department may require to determine compliance with the standards, requirements and purposes of the act and this chapter.

 (c)  Information set forth in the application shall be current and presented clearly and concisely.

 (d)  An application to obtain a commercial license shall contain the following information:

   (1)  The name, address and phone number of the applicant.

   (2)  The activity sought to be licensed.

   (3)  A brief and complete description of the applicant’s business as it relates to dealing in Pennsylvania Vulnerable plants.

   (4)  The address where books or records describing commercial transactions of Pennsylvania Vulnerable plants will be kept.

   (5)  The name, address and telephone number of the person authorized to make records or inventories of Pennsylvania Vulnerable plants available for examination by the Department.

   (6)  If the application is in the name of a business, the form of the business—for example, corporation, firm, partnership—and the name and address of each partner, officer, director and shareholder who owns 10% or more of the shares in the business.

   (7)  The common and scientific names of the Pennsylvania Vulnerable plant species for which a commercial license is sought.

   (8)  The commercial license history, including the identification numbers of previous commercial licenses that have been issued by the Department to the applicant.

   (9)  Other information the Department may require.

 (e)  An application shall be dated and signed by the applicant. Business applications shall be signed by a partner or officer, who shall set forth his title.

 (f)  An application for a commercial license shall be verified by the applicant with a statement that the information in the application is true and correct to the best of the applicant’s knowledge, information and belief.

§ 45.63. Criteria for license approval.

 An application for a commercial license will not be approved unless the application affirmatively demonstrates and the Department finds, in writing, the following:

   (1)  The application is accurate and complete and the requirements of the act and this chapter have been satisfied.

   (2)  There is no history of past or continuing violations or conduct which indicate the applicant’s lack of ability or intention to comply with the act or this chapter.

§ 45.64. Commercial license fee and expiration.

 (a)  An application for a commercial license will be accompanied by a check payable to the ‘‘Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’’ in the amount of $50.

 (b)  A commercial license expires on June 30 of the year next following the year of its issuance.

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stephen curry shoes
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