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Pennsylvania Ginseng Law and Regulations | Print |  E-mail
Article Index
Pennsylvania Ginseng Law and Regulations
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§ 45.70. Pennsylvania ginseng certification.

 (a)  A person may not export Pennsylvania ginseng from this Commonwealth without first obtaining a commercial license and a Pennsylvania ginseng certificate.

 (b)  A Pennsylvania ginseng certificate shall be required for each export shipment of Pennsylvania ginseng.

 (c)  To be certified, the state of origin for wild ginseng or cultivated ginseng shall be Pennsylvania.

 (d)  A Pennsylvania ginseng certificate will not be issued unless the licensee presents the shipment to the Department at a designated facility and presents the following information on a Pennsylvania ginseng certificate application form, available from the Department:

   (1)  The licensee’s name and commercial license number.

   (2)  The date of the application.

   (3)  The name and address of buyer and export destination.

   (4)  A statement of whether the ginseng is wild or cultivated.

   (5)  A statement of whether the ginseng is green or dry.

   (6)  The year of harvest of ginseng being certified.

   (7)  The state of origin.

   (8)  The weight in pounds and ounces written numerically and in full and verified by a weigh slip from a Commonwealth certified weigh station or scale.

   (9)  The shipment number.

   (10)  Other information the Department may require.

 (e)  The Pennsylvania ginseng certificate application shall be verified by the licensee with a statement that the information contained in the form is true and correct to the best of the licensee’s knowledge, information and belief, and that the ginseng was legally taken under this chapter and applicable law.

 (f)  The Department may countersign the application and issue a Pennsylvania ginseng certificate if the Department is satisfied that the information in the application is complete, and if the Department finds that a representative sample supports the information in the application.

§ 45.71. Transfer of certificate prohibited.

 A Pennsylvania ginseng certificate is nontransferable.

§ 45.72. Possession of unsold ginseng.

 (a)  A licensee who has ginseng unsold on March 31 of the year after harvest is required to obtain a weigh slip for the unsold ginseng from a Commonwealth certified weigh station or scale and submit a copy of that slip to the Department by May 1.

 (b)  A licensee may not obtain a Pennsylvania ginseng certificate to export unsold ginseng in the licensee’s possession in excess of the amount shown on the weigh slip.

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