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TOPIC: I have learned alot now concerning Moss Guys

Re:I have learned alot now concerning Moss Guys 6 years 3 hours ago #17314

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rootman the rock moss and the log moss can be different and can be the same.Let me exsplain..

log moss usaly does grow mostly on logs,but from time to time we do find log moss on rocks near the trees and once in awhile i have spoted it in just rocky shaded bank areas but not often.

More than not the moss that grows on rocks will be what they call Mood Moss and it also is a saleable moss and at times fethes a better price than log moss.

trahn007 I sell the moss two ways

1- dry as in the picture where we are laying it out on the screens and it brings different prices in different states and areas as any other wild saleable thing in the mountians,i make better selling dry.

2 - I also sell some wet moss to another guy who prefers o dry his own moss as he goes deeper into preparing it for his buyer than i do,he makes balls,and paints it etc before shipping it...The wet moss sale makes me less but then again i have alot less time and labor involved in it and it keeps me from backloading.

David Wood I have herd and read that sevral times..


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Re:I have learned alot now concerning Moss Guys 5 years 10 months ago #18074

Found some seng growing wonderfully in some moss a couple days ago when I was out scouting.

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