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TOPIC: Hey Billy

Hey Billy 8 years 6 months ago #2065

I just now realized that your from Bell County. I'm actually from Harlan but haven't lived there for the last 26 years. My dad still lives there and I have a few uncles there as well. I'm hoping to get a seng trip up around Cawood near the end of the month but that depends on what I find around here and how much time off work I can get. Anyway, just thought it's a small world. Take care man.

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Re:Hey Billy 8 years 6 months ago #2066

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  • Billy Taylor from Bell County Ky
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That is cool I also was raised in Harlan Co- almost all the older family still live there or are passed on.I moved to Bell Co because it is closer to the traveling I have to do as a Roofing Contractor and to the Church we attend.

I`ll tell you what there is alot of good seng around caywood,and a good place to go is around the old lake (cranks) area in them hollers there are alot of maple and dark

I have friends that Seng up that way.I have went 4 whelling up there sevral times and wanted to seng it so bad,but was on a different trip (family etc) at the time in there.

If I went up to Harlan to seng I would consider that area as my no#1 spot of looking.Also if you go up around the lake,go in from the Cranks side and up the road where it runs into the lake area,from there you can ride a 4 wheeler all over them mountians,it is beautiful up there this time of year.The new lake has some nice mountians two over behind the dam but I have never saw them,but from the road.....

G/L Let me know of how it all go`s hope you find some big ole 4 forks :)

p.s. where you living now ?

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Re:Hey Billy 8 years 6 months ago #2079

I live in Robertson County now which is the smallest county in the state. I am an ER registered nurse and this county is located about an hour from Lexington and about the same to Cincinattii so I can have my choice of some of the better hospitals to work at. I tend to change hospitals every couple of years so that I don't get burned out in one place. It's a beautiful county but the soil quality is not so good with it being mostly clay. I would say half the trees are cedar and walnut. I wish I could find some seng in this county but have had no luck finding good conditions. I do have alot of sasifras on my property and I love that stuff.

On another note, I know where your talking about there at Cranks and your'e right that would be the best way for me to go. Some of my family and I went fishing there a couple of summers ago and I remember thinking IdRatherBeSengin..lol. Well, thanks for the advice and if I go I will get some pics up because I know I will find some big stuff in those mountains.

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