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Follow Harvest Stewardship and always comply with your State Ginseng Rules and Regulations when collecting wild ginseng roots.
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TOPIC: State by state root variations.

State by state root variations. 3 years 11 months ago #32305

Why is it that a NC root that's 10-15 years old that's dug and is big is considered a better root than a Indiana root that's comparable in age and size and when you look at the large neck on the NC root and smoother body it resembles more of a woods grown root rather than wild simulated or wild and here the roots that get the perfect light & right soil conditions that appear the same get treated in some cases as woods grown even if you Know its strictly unfertilized wild??
Has the market become so tilted towards some states being considered to be producing the only big root and other states only small so they feel if it looks like a NC & NY root they feel its woods grown and not wild?? Then you also hear how the old ball & thumb roots are considered the most prized which Indiana has a lot of but the bigger fingery NC & NY root that has the more cultivated woods grown smoother faster growing look with large neck growth rings bring the higher price?? I mean come on I get plenty of old 3&4's that are in just the right areas in the woods with right soil conditions and all that they look like NC & NY root but here those are scrutinized as being woods grown when not rather than sought it seems to me when dealing with the buyers.

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Re:State by state root variations. 3 years 11 months ago #32308

If a good majority of a diggers root that is brought to market looks very similar in age size and shape they will be questioned as being cultivated. Whiter roots will be downgraded. Some states may also not have the best buyers with good connections. I would also think the end users know which areas have the best quality ginseng. They may be pushing harder for roots in certain states. The overall quantity of seng per state and the number of buyers can make a difference.

However imo guys that do not dig there roots well is the biggest problem for not getting good prices! The price is what it is in your state, but the better diggers get the best price. Many are not caring for them well after the fact either. There are tons of pics on this site of poorly dug roots. It gets worse every year.

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Re:State by state root variations. 3 years 11 months ago #32334

Yup it's an unfair market in a lot of ways, the appearance of root and it's original state of harvest is certainly one of them.

I have heard of Tenn. diggers crossing the state line and selling their root in NC for the higher prices. And, the NC dealers happy to get in on this, and including it in their NC root when selling.

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