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TOPIC: An amazing tool

An amazing tool 8 years 1 month ago #4438

Tnhunters post on the web sites with top maps made me go to Google earth. I have a GPS system that I use on my hunting dogs so I knew my way around the site alittle. I found an icon on the tool bar with a little sun on it. I thought \"Hm, lets see what happens when I use it at acouple of my known sang plots\". I was amazed at what I found. Here is the information.
The sun hit the plots at #1 6:37, #2 6:37, #3 6:36, and #4 6:37. That was REALLY constitant.
The shadows hung around the edges until #1 9:53, #2 9:10, #3 9:26, and #4 9:45. 43 minute difference.
The shadows starting hitting the plots again at #1 6:45, #2 7:48,#3 6:08, and #4 5:50 this wasn't as consitant and may not effect anything.
It was totally dark at the plot at #1 9:15, #2 9:10, #3 9:05, and #4 8:54. I found this interesting. 19 minutes difference.

These plots were within 1/4 mile of each other is why I only used 4 as examples.

#1 plot got 9 hours and 07 mins
#2 plot got 9 hours and 38
#3 plot got 8 hours and 18
#4 plot got 7 hours and 05
of direct sun light out of 15 hours and some change of total day light. That's around 50% direct sunlight at the plot LOCATION. This isn't putting into factor the canopy or other added shade.

How I done this was I drew a line where the morning light hit the plot. I then drew another line where the last shadows left the plot. I then drew a third line where the shadows returned. I then moved the clock dial until the shadows matched the marks and wrote down the times. It's amazing. I spent the last couple of hours just playing with this and have found 13 new spots that I want to use my \"theory\" at. It's no sure thing however. But, you can easily mark locations off when everything lines up perfect and you do a \"fly over\" with Google earth and see your location is ontop of a mountain ridge. I only had 3 out of 16 spots that I KNEW couldn't hold sang. There are still TONS of variables to put into play but, it gives me a great jump off point now. I will post my findings.

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