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TOPIC: Stratified seed - 30.00/lb

Re:Stratified seed - 30.00/lb 7 years 11 months ago #4503

Here is some info on storing seeds I found from Ontario Ginseng Agriculture updates.

As far as the conversion of celsius to Ferinheight, youll have to figure that out.

Handling Ginseng Seed before Seeding

Stratified seed that has been removed from the boxes should be held at no lower than 8-10oC, but at cool temperatures (ideally > 15oC). If stratified seed is chilled (exposed to temperatures below 5oC) before planting it may result in delayed germination and seedlings emerging in the second year. Remember that we still know relatively little about the effects of temperature on ginseng dormancy. Avoid any unnecessary fluctuations in temperature (high or low) after being pulled from the seed box right up until they are seeded and covered by mulch. The time of seeding does not affect germination. You can expect about 20% cracking in the seed box, this is a good indication that the embryos are developing as they should. One way to check whether seeds are developing well is to measure the embryo. Split the seed along the suture line. The embryo is in a sack at the micropyle end of the seed (the pore end). A well-developed embryo at the time of planting should be about 2-3 mm long. The embryo will grow over the winter and will be about 5mm at the time of germination. If the embryo is less than 2mm in length it may not germinate next spring but the spring after, if diseases have not broken it down by then.

It sound like the important thing is to not expose the seeds to too cold of temperature or they may not sprout until the second year.

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Re:Stratified seed - 30.00/lb 7 years 11 months ago #4506


I loaned my copy of Scotts latest book to my seng hunting partner and could not remember all of the details on the broadcasting method that was mentioned in the book.

That situation where in Wisconsin heavy leaf fall is soon followed by snow that stays most of the winter would no doubt make a difference.

Best I remember they reported some success rate (germination rate) for that broadcasting method they used in that specific area. I can't remember for sure but it seems like they said somewhere in the 20-30% germination rate range.

Someone interested in growing seng that lives in a area like that where heavy leaf fall and snow happen about the same time, and they could get low cost seed (like my example 30.00/lb) that method would sure be worth a try (when the time is right). You could get quite a bit of seng growing with very little cost and labor/time involved.

Best I remember in that same section of the book Scott did mention that he has had good luck with broadcasting seed on top of the leaves and then running a disk over the area to work it in. I think he suggested doing that just prior to leaf fall.


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Re:Stratified seed - 30.00/lb 7 years 11 months ago #4509


In scotts book it says they had 65% success in Wisconsin with broadcasting seeds on top of the leaves.

Thats pretty good success for such little labor.

The other method of brodcasting on the leaves then roto tilling on the shallowest setting had 85% success. But the weeds where more vigorous on the tilled area.

I personally have had as high asd 90% success with raking the leaves back then lightly going over the soil with a Garden Weasel( it has 6 tined metal wheels that mesh together with adjustable 3-5 ft handle) then broadcast seeds, aprox 5 seeds per sqft, then step down area with my boots so seeds make good contact with soil, then rake leaves back over area. Last years planting was about 85-90%.

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Re:Stratified seed - 30.00/lb 7 years 11 months ago #4514


Thanks for looking that up. I could not remember the exact germination rate they stated and did not want to over state that when mentioning it here.

At 30.00/lb and 65% germination rate, and low count of 5000 seeds per pound.

That is 3250 ginseng 3 leafers for 30.00 which is extremely cheap per plant (0.009 cents each).

Even if you paid 100.00/lb for seed that's only about 3 cents per seedling produced.

With a good hand crank broadcast seed spreader you could probably toss a pound of seed in 5 minutes or less while walking at a fairly fast pace and cover a lot of ground.

Even though Middle TN may not be the ideal place to try that method I think I might just do that with a pound or two of that 30.00/lb seed and just see how it works out.

No doubt that timing it right will make a significant difference in the germination rate too. If you can hit it just before heavy leaf fall and strong rain storm the ground will be blanketed in new wet leaves soon after you toss the seeds which would sure decrease the odds of the seeds being found & eaten by birds and other critters.

I can walk out my backdoor and in 2-3 minutes be in any one of several hollows where I can try this out.

Again, this is just one method I plan to try and if I was paying 100.00/lb for seed can't say I would be willing to test that method out.


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