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TOPIC: Ozark Mtn Price List

Ozark Mtn Price List 7 years 11 months ago #4494

You have to email them for a price list and I did that a few days ago and they sent me a image back in email. I included the part below showing prices on seed & rootlets.

They state on their website that the rootlets they sell are from their own woods grown site. I asked about the stratified seed they sell and in his reply he said the seed they sell is also from their woods grown site.

He also suggested that woods shade grown was less likely to be diseased than artificial shade grown. It seems to me that the plant spacing is more likely to cause more disease problems than the type of shade it is grown in. Just my opinion on that.

It does state on their website that they use around 100 lb of seed per acre in their woods grown plantings. I think Scott and others I have seen suggestions for wild simulated were in the 20-25 lb range per acre.



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Re:Ozark Mtn Price List 7 years 10 months ago #4766

We gotta remember, WOODS GROWN is the same as Field GROWN,except for the shade cover. WOODS GROWN uses a tree canopy and FIELD GROWN uses plastic screening as their canopy. The FIELD GROWN has more fertilizers and pestisides and fungicides used, but the same types are used for both.SEED STRATIFICATION uses a ton again to help prevent molding and the spread of disease. WILD SIMULATED uses the trees as a canopy and zero chemicals and no tilling or prepairing the site. Wild Simulated is a wild plant!
So if ya buy seed from a woods grown plot ya should never pay more than 30 of your hard earned dollars, the same as ya would a field grown plot. A WILD SIMULATED grown plot is hand planted, has hand picked berries, and zero chemicals can be used to aid in growth or seed stratification. Thats why you pay a premium for wild grown seed. To be a succesfull wild simulated grower you must plant where wild will grow well without disease. It is illegal to steal wild seed for your own plantations now a days. Chemical free is the only seng that my kids will chew.


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Re:Ozark Mtn Price List 7 years 10 months ago #4769

Guy, There are a lot of differences between woodsgrown and artificial shade grown.I understand what you are saying about the chemicals and all, but I think artificial shade seed would be more likely to carry disease. The woodsgrown roots are less likely to get rootrot because of the tree roots competing for water.There should be better airflow in the woods as well,which should help with foliar disease.

It seems to me that woods grown seed would be less likely to bring in disease than field grown.

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