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TOPIC: Thoughts and or ideas.

Thoughts and or ideas. 8 years 1 week ago #5431

I have 13 acres of old growth woods and some of it faces north and east. Alot of maples, oaks, hickory. Real good looking woods. The problem is that cattle have been run on it since the begining of time. LOL!! I am planning on fencing some of these areas off and making some patchs. It's pretty rocky and the dirt looks ok but, I was wondering about taking some good soil from my garden and lightly tilling it in, in the designated areas along with alittle sand. Here is my reasoning for all the work. The cattle of course have stomped \"pot\" holes everywhere so the ground needs to be uniform. I figured since I was going to have to \"level\" out these areas I might as well throw in some dirt. The sand comes into play because some of these \"pot\" holes hold water in the winter. The ground for the most part drains well. Thoughts on the \"garden dirt\" and sand or spot in general? I have some more great looking spots but, they are on the more north western side of the hill. The only western sun they would get would be the very last rays before going below the horizon. However the rocks are bigger on this side and I belive I could tuck in some patchs behind these rocks without getting them burnt up. Any thoughts on that?

For now I am stratisfing my seeds and storing rootlets in a garden pot with a mixture of garden dirt, potting soil, and sand. Heavy on the sand then garden dirt and lastly potting soil. I then put the water to it to make sure it drained and it did. I then put the pots under the house. I checked them after 3 days and everything was still moist. Is that mixture okay or am I over thinking all this?

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