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Fresh Wild Ginseng Roots

Fresh wild American ginseng roots harvested this 2017 fall seaon, age between 7 to 20+ years old. Each root has their nect intact to guarantee age. Roots will be carefully packed with peat moss to help keep roots fresh. All KY certified and ready to be shipped to USA only.


4 oz.($349.95), 8 oz.($649.95), 1 lb. ($1,199.95)

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Dried Wild Ginseng Roots

Wild American Ginseng grows naturally in the forest without human cultivation. It is between 7 to 30+ years old, assorted small to extra large, wrinkled and very light in texture. Each root has their neck intact to guarantee age. All certified and ready to be shipped to USA only.


1 oz.($159.95), 2 oz.($309.95), 4 oz.($605.95), 8 oz.($1,199.95)

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Cultivated Ginseng Roots

Half pound and 1 pound of assorted cultivated roots. An excellent buy for your own use or as a gilf. These roots are pure 100% American ginseng from Wisconsin, and can be chopped, grated, or broken up and put in your cooking to maximize the benefit of the ginsenosides.


8 oz.($79.95), 16 oz.($149.95), 5 lb.($699.95)

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Dried Ginseng Slices

Ginseng slices are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of authentic American ginseng. They are quicker to prepare than the whole root and they still retain the powerful health improvements ginseng has to offer. Slices may be quickly boiled, steamed or chewed as a healthy and healing alternative to chips and candies. Packaged in a plastic tubs container.


8 oz.($69.95), 16 oz.($129.95)

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Ginseng Prongs & Fibers

Ginseng Prongs & Fibers are the legs and branches trimmed from the roots. Excellent choice for making ginseng tea or ginseng stew.


4 oz.($29.95), 8 oz.($49.95), 16 oz.($89.95), 5 lb. ($399.95)

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Ginseng Powder

100% pure American ginseng powder - with powdered ginseng you get 100% pure ginseng root. No additives! Ginseng powder has its conveniences, mix a teaspoon with hot water, then add some honey. The taste is amazing, better than coffee and tea. From only the finest and cleanest 4 and 5 year old roots to grind into ginseng powder packed in a plastic tubs container.


4 oz.($39.95), 8 oz.($64.95), 16 oz.($119.95)

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Ginseng Tea

Place a ginseng tea bag in a cup of hot water for 2-5 minutes. Stir, remove tea bag and serve. One tea bag may be used 2-3 times. Honey or sweetener may be added to taste. Tea may be served hot or cold. Each tea bag is individually wrapped and contains 2 grams of pure American Ginseng Root.


50 bags($39.95)

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