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TOPIC: questions

questions 8 years 10 months ago #36375

Hey gang,

Was out this afternoon and ran across some mushrooms that I think I can identify, but wanted a second opinion on some of them

Chanterelles right? How about if the ridges on the bottoms are not fully formed?

Growing together in the patches, but some seem to have no groves on the underside, and certainly not down onto the stems. In this last pic, with magnification I can see the impression of some ridges which arn't fully formed.

What do you all say?

Chanterelle look a likes....

I've seen some pictures which suggest these are also chanterelles, just a different color phase. But, arn't these the Jack'O lanterns? They were in the same general area...within a 100 yards or so.

I'm thinking this is a young hen of the woods. It is yellowish on the bottom. This was all I found. Can anyone confirm?

This I believe is a Lion's Mane. However, it is not a dense as I've seen them in the past. In fact, this one was growing in a patch around woodsgrown ginseng beds which were put in 2 years ago. There were a dozen or so of them growing right on the ground in various stages of getting old. I've never seen them growing like that before.

Opinions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Re:questions 8 years 10 months ago #36376

The light yellow look to be chants. The others look like Jack O'Lantern Mushroom, and they can cause breathing problem I think. I would wash the chants really good if they was in the same bag as the Jack. http://www.mushroom-appreciation.com/chanterelle-mushrooms.html

I dont know what the white ones are but I see a lot of them in the wood the past month.

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Re:questions 8 years 10 months ago #36377

The mushrooms you are holding in your hand, the first one looks like a yellow chanterelle, the 2nd picture looks like a smooth chanterelle, which does not have as much flavor, but edible. The third looks like a red chanterelle, usually smaller than the other two but worth picking. The fourth looks like a chicken mushroom and is edible and I think the fifth is a coral mushroom, not edible. Before you eat these, maybe Latt or one of the other mushroom guys can confirm that I am right. Without having them in my hand, I hate to say for sure. Sang.ocd

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Re:questions 8 years 10 months ago #36379

You are correct on all accounts in my opinion
Yellow golden Chantrelels and some smooth ones too. (Nice ones by the way Bcastle)
The red ones are Cinnabar chantrelles.
Yes the fourth is an older Chicken of the Woods and it is dry and crumbling. Don't care for them personally but many folks love them (They can't hold a candle to a \"Hen of the Woods\" in my opinion)
Lastly, that is definitely coral mushroom and not a Lions Mane. And like sang.ocd said, you do not want to eat coral mushroom.

All very common BCastle and Sang.oco is right on target with his ID.


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