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TOPIC: First time taking Ginseng

First time taking Ginseng 10 years 9 months ago #24334

I've been an avid ginseng hunter for over 20 years but have never tried taking it. Well, after both my boys got a sinus infection I woke up this morning with what I'm quite sure is one as well. Felt like total crap, no energy (literally had to roll off the bed to get up), sore through, and my whole head was completely stopped up. So I pulled out a root I recently dug, about 15 years old but very short and fat, and cut it up into small slices. I put 4 slices in the bottom of my large coffee cup, poured coffee on top, let it set for bout 5 minutes, then added just a little flavored creamer. Drank the whole cup, with every few drinks I would chew up and swallow a slice. Well I finished my coffee elixer about 7 this morning still feeling terrible, dropped my daughter at school and when I got back around 745 I felt bout 80-90% better. Energy level seems to be coming back some, head feels alot less clogged, and I just overall feel better.

I do realize this ain't no miracle herb, but man, it has sure made a big difference for me this morning and that's a fact jack!!!

I have to highly recommend this if you start getting any type of cold, flu, etc. seems to work very well for it.

Also a side note, I the flavored creamer I used actually added a bit of a sweet taste to the slices and made them not taste nearly as bad.

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Re:First time taking Ginseng 10 years 9 months ago #24517


I started taking ginseng on a regular basis 3 years ago.

Like you - until then I had been harvesting it for a long time (since around 1976) and had always tried a bit here and there from my fresh roots but never took it on a regular basis, never saved any to take thru the year.

The main benefit I have seen from taking it these past 3 years is those seasonal alergy type symptoms, colds, and what I call the crud (sort of like what you described).

I just hardly ever get that type stuff anymore and when I do, the symptoms are usually very light compared to what I used to get.

A couple times I started getting that feeling like a serious crud session was comming on but a day or two later it just went away.

I like to nibble the fresh hair roots from fresh seng when I have it.

Each year from my wild root harvest I keep back 24 nice smaller roots with 20+ years age, and I eat them thru the year, just a few slices or small bits at a time.

I have found that eating a couple of small roots over a month is all you really need. Might even be able to get by with only 1 small root per month. Just take it in smaller bits a slices.

Even very dry roots, if you slice or chip them up and put them in some water, or coffee, or hot gree tea - in just a few minutes they will be soft and chew and taste just like fresh roots.

I have a little glass on my home office desk that I keep root chips in and I eat them just like that. Just chew up the dried root chips.

But I also put a few slices in my coffee, or hot green tea at times.

Last winter one of my kids came home from school with strep throat, and a few days later my other kid had it, then a few days later, my wife had it.

ME - I did not get it.

We regularly share drinks at home, so I know I was exposed to it just like they were.

I am a believer in seng for sure.


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Re:First time taking Ginseng 10 years 7 months ago #26426

It's a vitality enhancer, and a powerful stimulant for things physical. If you take 'sang intermittantly -like TNHunter suggusted- you'll likely notice a new strength and vigor to your goings on.

For example, if I haven't slept well one night, I'll take some that next morning and won't feel so tired as I go about my day at work.

Just my nickel's worth...

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Re:First time taking Ginseng 10 years 7 months ago #26477

I agree with you, Whitjr. I chewed on some one night around six o'clock and couldn't fall asleep until finally three o'clock concerned with some things about work. The later it got the more mad I became because I knew I would feel awful and shaky the next day. Woke up the following morning feeling fine and did throughout the day. I pretty much fell out that night but, it worked me through what was necessary.


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Re:First time taking Ginseng 10 years 7 months ago #26639

'Course, it goes without saying [mostly] what this herb is usually used overseas in the asian markets... better sex!!!!!!

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